Is it hard these days to parent intentionally?

By Kylie McGillivray

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you are so over committed that you’re barely surviving? You have so much to do that you are parenting by reaction instead of intentionally!

Just recently I spent the whole day in Sydney and got home just before tea time. By the time I got home I was exhausted; left with nothing to give, hence, I set a negative tone for the evening. I had overstretched myself and my family suffered! To parent intentionally we need to set ourselves and our families up to WIN. Here are 3 suggestions to assist you to Parent Intentionally: Create a picture of your ideal family, Construct a routine to make it happen and make time to regularly Connect.

  1. Create a Family Mantra – a mantra is a statement that explains what you desire your family to be like. An example; the McGillivray family is a place we all call home, where we accept and love each other, where we have each other’s backs and make time to create treasured memories. It is very hard to parent intentionally if you don’t have a clear picture of the family you desire to create.
  2. Construct – How are you going to construct a routine for your family so you can achieve your desired mantra? Covering the basics well is essential for healthy, happy and thriving families. What kind of routine will you establish for you and your children? All kids and adults need adequate sleep, healthy food, exercise and down time etc. What routine will you intentionally construct so you can move into deeper connections with those in your family?
  3. Connect – I love the quote “families that play together stay together”! How can you make it a priority to connect as a family and also one on one with each of your children! John Maxwell has a book called Intentional Living and he schedules his family as first priority on his calendar. These regular connection points helps John regularly show his family that he cares deeply for them.

What do you need to say NO to so that you can say YES to your family? What kind of family are you in the process of creating? You can go with the flow and get what you get or you can make a decision to Intentionally Parent and continue to create the family you deeply desire!

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